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Work-sharing is very important.

On June 30th, Japanese government announced that the unemployment rate in May was 5.2% and it turned worse by 0.2% compared to last month. While production has been improved, government recognized that employment situation is getting more severe.

This is the article of Nihon Nikkei Shinbun.


I am interested in work-sharing. Japan should introduce work-sharing more like Netherlands. At the beginning of 1980s, the unemployment rate of Netherlands reached 12%, but in 2002, it became, surprisingly, 1%. This was thanks to work-sharing.

It is obvious that the unemployment rate falls by introduction of work-sharing, however, Japanese government is not going to take this positively. I researched the measure of employment of Zimin-party and Minsyu-party. Both parties does not mention about work-sharing. This is because, I think, it costs government much money to introduce work-sharing more, especially, on Social welfare. For example, if the employ of women increases, it is necessary to increase nursery schools.

Japanese government wastes our tax for themselves. They should take working-share more positively.


Dying your hair.


I went to a beauty and I have my hair cut.

During cutting my hair, I talked with a beautician about dying hair.

She said that because people start to dye their hair even though they are young,

their hair start to aging earlier than others.


But if I start to job hunting, I must have black hair, so I want to enjoy my brown hair now.

I’m from Hiroshima.

 As you know, Hiroshima is the city which has been atom-bombed.

Children in Hiroshima have taught about an atom bomb since they entered elemental school.

And people in Hiroshima take it for granted that children know when the atom bomb was dropped. 


 Recently, the news said that North Korea succeeded in a nuclear test.

After I say that news, I remember one thing.

Last year August 6th, I asked my cram school’s students,”What day is it today?”

They answered,”I don’t know”.

I was surprised and shocked to hear this.

In Hiroshima during summer vacation, almost all elementary schools and junior high schools decide this day as a day of going to school and teach the students the fear of the atom bomb.

Not only children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki but all of Japanese children should be taught more about the atom bomb.

The rainy season comes soon.

I hate Tsuyu!!!

I think most of you hate, too.

But this rainy season is not gloomy very much because I found a things,

which can only  play when it is a rainy day; fireworks!!


Usually, I don’t play fireworks when it is raining but this year is different.

I expect that if I succeed in setting fire to a toy sparkler in the unbrella,

I can enjoy it even if I and it get wet.


This is why I am waiting for the rainy season, but once I played, I surely will be fed up with rain.

Friendship between men and women.


Do you believe that there is a friendship between men and women?

Of course I believe this!

Actually, I have some boyfriends with whom I can declare that I  will never fall in love.

 But a friend of mine denies this. She categorizes boys whether he is an object of love or not.

She calls herself “love for love’s sake”.


I will be careful of both girl and boy friends!!

My favorite singer.

Do you know Jason Mraz?

He play the music by the guitar.

I have been crazy about him since I listened to this song “You and I both”.

In this song, he sings so fast but I love that rhythmic sense.

His song, “I’m yours” was nominated the fifty first Grammy award.


If you are interested in him, I can lend you his albums.


My sunflower.


About a week ago, I planted five seeds of sunflower.

After four days as soon as I woke up, I went to give them water and then I found one of them begun to put out!

I was afraid of their not putting out, so I was very surprised and happy.

I named that new shoot “poga-chan”.

Unfortunately the left of four seeds could not put up, however,

it is good for poga-chan because he can enjoy my love exclusively !!

I want him to bloom a cute flower, so I will let him listen to classical music.

This curious way to raise plants is used by many farmers.

I am looking forward to seeing his flower.

Viva! OSU.


Do you often have Osu?

If you live by yourself and cook your own meals,

you merely have Osu despite you know it is very good for your health.

Of course Osu has an effect of helping diet, it has more power.

For example, it improve your stiff neck, backache, constipation and more.

I have Osu  after breakfast and dinner.I always dilute Osu by water and drink it.


How about trying to drink Osu?

A small glacial period.


This article says that the sun’s energy has gone down compared to 200 years ago.

If this situation continues, we may have a small glacial period someday.

Some experts say it is natural that the earth should have next small glacial period  soon.

 At first, after I read this article, I thought that it is good opportunity to stop global worming and if we should have a small glacial period, we would not have many damage because human being advanced a lot of technology. But  it is not true.Without enough sun shine, plants could not grow up well and this threaten our life such as food and paper deficiency.

 We can not stop the sun’s not working well, but we can take measures by cooperating the scale of the world.



Do you know Bossa nova?


Recently I set up a Bossa nova and jazz circle with my friends and underclassmen.

Arata is one of members of that circle.

Bossa nova comes from Brazil, but it is not popular among Brazilians nowadays.

Bossa nova is not a music like Reggae, which has been loved by  local people yet.

It  had been popular only from late 1950s to 1969s, so some young Brazilian may not know what Bossa is like.

I play the piano, and my friend, Fujiko sings.

I want Kochi university students and teachers to know and love Bossa nova after they listen to our music!